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Should I get artificial grass?

Should I Get Artificial Grass?

Whether you’re looking to drought-proof your backyard, transform an area where grass refuses to grow, or you simply can’t stand maintenancing the lawn, you may be wondering if you should get artificial grass. 

Below are some benefits of artificial grass:


Artificial grass looks immaculate every day of the year, even during drought or when you’ve been away on holiday. It never grows too long and it never looks dead, discoloured or patchy. 

Low maintenance

Natural grass requires constant care. Our artificial grass offers an easy solution, as you will no longer need to water, mow, or fertilize your lawn to keep it green.

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Dog and child-friendly 

Some dog owners prefer artificial grass because it stops dogs from digging holes in the yard and their urine doesn’t damage the grass. Parents may also prefer artificial grass because it is mess free and allergy free.


With artificial grass there is no longer an exposure to potentially harmful chemicals like: fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, or other landscape chemicals. The EPA statistics on air pollution show that gas-powered gardening equipment makes up a total of around 5% of the USA’s carbon emissions, meaning artificial grass could make a significant impact on reducing air pollution. Our products also reduce the need to use pesticides, which can contaminate waterways and have been linked to various diseases.

Saves water

 The Synthetic Turf Council reports that just one square foot of artificial grass can save 55 gallons of water per year. Therefore, artificial turf is green in many more ways than one!

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Looks real

We have some of the most realistic artificial grass. Each grass blade is perfectly cut, then continually rolled and stretched to strengthen each synthetic yarn until it is as thin and elegant as natural grass. After the blades are finalized, we go through a rigorous synthetic tuft-binding process that produces these blades into an environmentally friendly backing.

Long lasting

Artificial grass is designed to withstand the effects of weathering and foot traffic. You can expect it to look beautiful with very little required upkeep for up to 15 years or more.

Why choose Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse

Our team has worked on thousands of projects on both residential and commercial properties. As a leader in the industry we pride ourselves in assuring quality customer service and client satisfaction.

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