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Artificial grass is ideal for school playgrounds, landscaping, athletic fields and more.

Many schools around the country have chosen artificial grass for both landscaping and athletic fields, both of which enjoy the many benefits of low maintenance. Both public and private schools quickly see the advantages of going synthetic rather than having regular grass landscaping and fields. Whether it be for simple landscaping or an entire football field, artificial turf is a great solution for schools and universities alike.

One of the main concerns for many schools includes safety. Artificial grass is specifically designed to be safe for children and kids. With its technologically groundbreaking composition, artificial grass has proven to withstand high traffic and rough play without breaking down or eroding. Thus, small and large schools can enjoy such durability without worrying about degradation over time. Also, the infill layer helps to keep the turf cushioned for contact, as well as helping to maintain the uprightness of the blades. It does not need watering, looks great across the year, and does not need fertilizers or any kind of pesticides.

Artificial Grass for Schools
Artificial Grass for Schools

The yard and play area at schools get a lot of wear and tear, before and after school.

Schools and universities can truly benefit from using artificial grass for landscaping and fields. With its minimal maintenance and ability to save on costs significantly, schools are able to recoup upfront costs on turf within ten years. With its durability, artificial grass withstands sport performance and high traffic for several years. It is a safe alternative for students and athletes alike. Artificial grass continues to be adopted by many universities and schools for its many benefits.

With no need for daily watering or regular maintenance, school districts can save thousands of dollars each year, allowing them to put more money toward the improvement of each child’s education. With superior aesthetics, performance, and safety features to real grass, synthetic turf is the natural choice for schools.


Playgrounds are heavily-frequented areas where falls, bumps, and bruises are common occurrences. Many of these injuries occurs as the result of inadequate playground construction materials such as sand, bark chips, wood chips, gravel, and natural grass, which can increase the chances for clothing stains and spreading germs. AThe traditional grass playground is difficult to maintain and can prove expensive in repairs and ongoing maintenance tasks like mowing, patching and other repairs. An artificial turf playground provides a cleaner, safer environment for children in addition to these other benefits.


Artificial grass used for athletic fields in schools is the ideal alternative to regular grass. With so many different types of products on the market, there is an array of types that can be used for fields, all of which are safe to play on. Artificial grass was designed to help, and not hinder athletic performance. With its easily customizable characteristics, sizing and measurements can be specified to fit any size field. Real grass fields require several hours and a lot of money to maintain. Artificial grass fields require absolutely no watering, fertilizing, weeding, or mowing, which saves so much time and money, especially for large areas such as athletic fields.


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With our 15-year warranty, you can rest in knowing that we stand behind our premium turfs because we stay up-to-date with all the latest technology in the artificial grass industry.

If any area or portion of the turf substantially changes, as distinguished from a change in texture within fifteen years after its initial installation, Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse will have all such areas or portions replaced, excluding installation costs. We also warrant that at the time of the initial turf installation, the synthetic turf will be free of manufacturing defects. Slight color changes will occur over the lifetime of this turf and are not considered an issue or basis for a claim. All labor costs involved with the removal of the affected turf and re-installation of the replacement will be the responsibility of the purchaser.