Add curb appeal and value to your home that reduces maintenance costs.

Are you ready to transform your home? Believe it or not, a beautiful lush green lawn year-round is only a conversation away and the process is easier then you think. We will help you select the right artificial grass to achieve the look you’re going for. The artificial turf you select will be nothing short of amazing to complete an amazing backyard retreat or front yard presentation.

From the best fringes to the most realistic putting surface, we have a selection that fits any home oasis! With Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse you get a company that completely backs every product sold. The manufacturing process has been the result of years of research and development, with the sole purpose of providing the strongest turf backing and the most beautiful artificial grass blades in the industry. Artificial grass is a great alternative to the real thing for those who want to minimize yard work and enjoy time with the family or personal leisure instead. Forget about mowing the lawn and plucking out weeds, spend your time playing with pets, kids, or sitting on the porch enjoying the view.

Artificial Grass for Homeowners

Benefits of Artificial Grass

As one of the largest national distributors of artificial turf, we focus on quality and technology for all our products including the infill. This is why the benefits of our artificial grass go beyond our synthetic turf competitors. The benefits are immediate and long-lasting. Best of all you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful rich green lawn year-round. In no time you’ll be saving money, time, and water, but in addition to our artificial grass it holds up against the toughest wear and tear. Our versatile synthetic turf is made to last and engineered to perform. Start experiencing the benefits today!


We all love our pets! What we don’t love is the aftermath of the damage that can be done to our lawns. With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about yellow spots or odor just simply hose down and continue your day.


If you love to recycle then you’ll love being more eco-friendly with artificial turf. You no longer need to deal with pesticides, fertilizers, or pollution that mowers release.  This helps you to save money and makes the earth happy.


Of course, you love when your kids play outside but not when they’re tracking in all that dirt and grass. Artificial turf allows for hours of playtime without the mess and it won’t compromise the quality of the blades.


Water savings is a win-win scenario because you’re also saving money! The best part is you don’t have to wait to see those savings. It happens immediately after installation. All that is needed is an occasional rinse.


In this busy world, the last thing you want to do is yard work! Spend more time with your family by making the switch instead of pulling weeds, mowing, and treating your lawn with extra care to maintain a green look.


Tough weather conditions? Not a problem with our premium artificial grass. Our turf holds up against any harsh weather conditions. Your grass will maintain it’s natural appearance with our advanced draining system to prevent flooding.