Installing Artificial Grass Around Your Swimming Pool

We all love the look of a lush green lawn around a swimming pool. It also makes for a nicer environment to lounge around in no matter what season of the year we’re in. However, maintaining a natural green lawn around a pool can be quite difficult. Most find themselves constantly troubleshooting how to keep it from dying from pool chemicals. Another issue that arises is the debris from mowing it easily gets in your pool. This is why you should install artificial grass around your pool area.

Top Benefits Of Artificial Grass Around Pools 
  • Safe surface to install around pools
  • Easy to keep clean & maintain
  • Long-lasting
  • Stays vibrant green year-round
  • Prevents extra debris from entering the pool
  • Adds a nice upgraded appearance
  • Realistic appearance

Perks You Should Know Before Installing

Excellent Drainage

Natural grass can flood during heavy rains resulting in dirt and debris making it’s way to the pool. Cement has 0% drainage and can be a huge risk factor for slips. However, artificial grass has an amazing drainage system. Cannonballs will not be a problem around artificial turf because it won’t damage the turf nor will you be left with puddles. Have a spill? Don’t worry… it can literally be rinsed down without fear of it getting in the pool.

Safe & Durable

Among all the benefits, two of the most important is that artificial grass around a pool is safe and durable. Its non-slip surface makes it a perfect choice for pool areas. Most people have cement around pools which makes it very dangerous when wet. Concrete can also get very hot in the summer which is why a lot of kids run around the pool making it very unsafe. Also, artificial turf is very durable. It stands up against the chemicals from the pool, high foot traffic, and harsh summer heat.

Unmatched Appearance

Nothing comes close to the beauty that a lush green lawn gives a to a backyard. Pair that with a pool and you have a backyard oasis. Since you already have a pool then you most likely spend quite a bit of time outdoors. So why not take it to the next level by adding that pop of green and that luxury textured feel between your toes. Artificial grass is a stunning contrast to the pool water and is super easy to maintain. You won’t need to worry about mowing or fertilizing. Just simply go outside and enjoy the pool.

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Complete your backyard oasis by installing artificial grass around your swimming pool.