Premium artificial grass for homeowners and installers to create beautiful environments for all applications.

Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse strives to bring you everything you need to install synthetic grass for all applications nationwide from residential to commercial. Applications include landscaped lawns, public parks, playgrounds, golf practice putting greens, backyard turf for dogs, turf mats, and rugs for roofs, patio, decks, and more. We have all the materials and expertise needed for a successful install. We are committed to having a wide selection of grass to choose from so we can assist you in even the special orders. We look forward to walking alongside you to find the best artificial grass for your project.


You want your yard to look its absolute best at all times. Our artificial grass is perfect for both residential and commercial.


Artificial grass allows for a more enjoyable and safe pool experience. It's cooler than concrete and less slippery when wet.


Get creative… from installing your own putting green or bocce ball court, to turf areas for clinics, gyms and sports facilities.


Whether it be for simple landscaping or an entire football field, artificial turf is a great solution for schools and universities alike.


Artificial turf can transforms rooftops into beautiful outdoor living areas, creating more usable and functional spaces.


Artificial turf reduces the dangers of working in high traffic areas such as medians and streetscapes.


Artificial turf is perfect for putting greens for a miniature golf course, an eighteen-hole course, or your own personal putting green.


Most injuries on playgrounds occur on surfaces that are abrasive, or just plain unsafe. That’s where the artificial grass comes in.


A beautifully landscaped lawn created with artificial grass allows you to enjoy the benefits daily for many years. No more watering, weeding, and harsh chemicals… just a lush green lawn all year. Synthetic grass is better for the environment and way easier to maintain. It’s the right solution for front lawns, backyard lawns, walkways, outdoor entertaining areas, hillsides, and pool decks. Our turf specialists will gladly help you accomplish any project you have in mind. We know it’s not easy in making the decision to have artificial grass installed in your home however, homeowners nationwide are glad they’ve taken the leap.


Maintaining the landscape of commercial properties can be quite costly and can face some significant challenges. Access, environmental concerns, fertilizers, mowing, maintenance, plus the high costs of irrigation systems can cost thousands of dollars each year. Artificial grass is a logical solution for any commercial landscaped application. Synthetic turf is super versatile making it perfect for areas like islands, indoor courtyards, rooftop patios, roadway medians, embankments, or other locations where irrigation would be prohibitive.

Artificial Grass Wholesale Schools
Artificial Grass for Schools


We all take the game seriously! This is why you should consider making the switch to synthetic grass. It has become increasingly popular with schools, coaches, athletic directors, and players of all sports because of its superior durability, playability, safety, and long-term cost savings. Outdoor and indoor artificial grass sport fields are suitable for any type of sport. Our turf selection can withstand the strongest cleats, kicks, workouts, and drills all while maintaining that beautiful game-ready look all year long.

We keep our prices low and our quality high so you can enjoy an oasis without breaking the bank.



Imagine not having to deal with mud being tracked in your house or your lawn being ruined from yellow stains. Durable and resilient under heavy use with an excellent drainage system to eliminate odors. That’s what artificial pet turf can do for you!


Make a positive impact on our planet by switching to artificial grass. Doing so conserves water, frees you from having to use harsh chemicals that pollute the soil, and recycling are just a few benefits artificial grass has on the environment.


Skip, run, jump, roll, are all the things kids love doing however, it can really take a toll on natural grass when they get to be too rough. Artificial grass allows for endless playtime during all weather types. Say bye-bye to puddles and mud!


Water isn’t free so when we say installing artificial grass saves you water what we’re also saying is, it saves you money. No need to worry about watering enough in order to have a lush green lawn. Artificial grass stays green year-round with no water.


Time is so valuable! So when you’re spending hours each week on trying to maintain a healthy green lawn it can become a nuisance. Artificial grass lawns free you from mowing, weed pulling, and any other maintenance needed to keep your lawn green.


Be ready to enjoy beautiful lush green grass throughout any season. Synthetic turf is highly resilient to all weather types, hot or cold. So you won’t need to worry about harsh weather damaging your artificial turf.