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Drainage For Artificial Grass

The way the drainage system is designed makes a difference when installing artificial grass in a home or workplace. This is especially true in areas where there is heavy rainfall or if your landscape is located in a flood zone. It’s one of the most important steps of installation. The drainage design determines how water runoff is captured and handled. 

The drainage for artificial turf is very similar to natural grass. The backing of the artificial grass has small holes to allow the water to drain through to the subsoil. This is placed on top of the subsoil. The subsoil is key to the drainage design. It consists of highly absorbent materials such as crushed rubble, gravel or a mixture of mineral matter. Installing artificial grass on top of regular soil will make for a muddy mess. The subsoil gives a place for the water to go and be absorbed. During heavy rainfall the base is able to ‘store’ excess water and allow it to seep through slowly to the in-built draining pipes. All of these features work together for a perfectly to prevent water from sitting on the surface. 

When done right the drainage system for artificial turf actually ends up draining better than real grass itself. And since dirt isn’t sitting directly below the surface you’re not left with a muddy mess or a flooded grass area.

Drainage For Heavy Rain

Some areas are more susceptible to heavy rain than others but this doesn’t mean you will end up with puddles of water all over your artificial grass lawn. If you’re currently struggling with flooded lawns with your natural grass, then artificial turf might be the perfect solution for you. The strategically designed drainage system gives a place for the water to go allowing more time to filter into the ground.

Drainage For Dog Owners

If you have a dog then you’ll be glad to make the switch to artificial grass. The drainage is very important for dog owners. Artificial grass does an excellent job draining out frequent pet use so you’re not dealing with odor buildup. To speed up the drainage process and to prevent odor issues it is recommended that you spray down your artificial grass regularly in areas of pet use.

The Right Company Matters

Not all businesses believe in a quality designed draining systems. If a poor system is installed it can really cause some serious problems come rainy season. You may be stuck in a situation where the entire job needs to be redone. This is why finding the right company really matters. The process doesn’t need to be difficult and when you find the right company to go with then you’ll be confident in the end results!

Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse provides artificial grass solutions for landscapes, playgrounds, putting greens, businesses & contractors – all at wholesale prices. With the widest selection of synthetic turf products available, we have a turf that’s perfect for you. Contact us at 844-768-8873 for your next project and we’ll have our extensively trained technicians walk you through process so you don’t have to worry about the draining system, quality of turf or anything else!

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