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Artificial Turf and Weeds

What gives when it comes to weeds and artificial turf? A widespread misconception regarding artificial turf is that it requires no care. Is it true that artificial turf requires less upkeep? Yes. However, there are other aspects of nature that we simply cannot control, such as weeds.

Is It Possible for Weeds to Grow on Synthetic Turf?

A common belief, when you see weeds on your artificial turf, is that they grew underneath the turf. It is possible that the installers didn’t fully remove all of the weeds beneath the turf. This leads one to think the weeds are growing up through the artificial turf backing. However, this is not the case. The weed begins to develop on top of the artificial turf’s surface when you see weed growth. Weed seeds, as we all know, are taken up by the wind and carried from one spot to another. If you have weeds in other parts of your yard, or if your neighbors have weeds, the weed seeds will be more likely to spread to your artificial turf area. When a weed seed drops on your artificial turf’s surface, it will germinate and grow within the sand infill on top.

How to Get Rid of Weeds in Synthetic Turf

If you get rid of weeds as soon as possible, they’ll be gone in no time. Weeds may be simply plucked out by hand or sprayed with weed killer and then raked off because they grow on top of the surface. However, the longer you wait to get rid of the weeds, the more difficult it will be to do so. Waiting too long to eliminate the weeds will result in the growth of new weeds in the region.

Our Turf Backing Helps Stop Weeds From Growing

Don’t have time to pull the weeds that have sprung on your lawn? Don’t fret; our high-quality backing can buy you some extra time. Naturally, weeds will grow on all forms of artificial turf. There isn’t much that can be done about it. A robust, resistant backing, on the other hand, can assist in managing it. However, if the weeds are left sitting for too long, they will begin to root deep beneath the surface and grow down into the earth. It will be more difficult to get rid of the weeds at this point. These deep-rooted weeds may cause harm to the turf, necessitating the replacement of the affected areas. Be sure to do a weekly check and remove promptly.

We’re Here To Help

Weeds won’t be an issue when you do regular maintenance on your synthetic lawn. Not only will a quick maintenance session help your turf look its best but it will also last longer. If you have any questions on installation or maintenance, feel free to contact Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse at 844-768-8873. We’re here to help with everything from turf installation to tips for keeping your artificial lawn lasting for many years.

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