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Where to Get Artificial Grass

Where to Get Artificial Grass

Wonder why your neighbor’s grass always looks green and well-manicured when you never see them mowing or doing yard work? They could be wizards, but chances are they have artificial grass. 

Artificial grass is an alternative for homeowners ready to ditch the lawn mower, wave goodbye to the fertilizer, and turn off the sprinklers. If you’re tired of losing your weekends to lawn chores, it’s a low-maintenance solution to a long-lasting lawn. 

If you made the decision to purchase artificial grass, you may be wondering where to get it.

Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse is one of the largest wholesale distributors in the artificial grass industry. Our synthetic grass products are sold and distributed to installers as well as homeowners. We offer local and nationwide shipping services to get your product where you need it.

If you’re looking for the latest artificial grass on the market our quality turf specialists are always on the hunt for premium turf so you can find what you’re needing all in one spot.

Where to Get Artificial Grass

The Largest Inventory of Artificial Grass

We have products available for any and all types of applications. We blend innovative grass fibers with natural-looking thatch and infill systems so your turf will always look bright, green, and fresh-cut.

Customer Service Matters

Purchasing your artificial turf from Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse comes with not only a quality product but also the support and knowledge needed to run a successful business. We strive to maintain relationships built on trust and excellent customer service. We are able to offer competitive pricing and the best in quality and technology for installation companies who seek the most superior turf products.

Our mission is to provide the best looking, longest lasting artificial grass possible so that homeowners and businesses can spend more time enjoying their space, and less time maintaining it.


With our 15-year warranty, you can rest in knowing that we stand behind our premium turfs because we stay up-to-date with all the latest technology in the artificial grass industry.

If any area or portion of the turf substantially changes, as distinguished from a change in texture within fifteen years after its initial installation, Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse will have all such areas or portions replaced, excluding installation costs. We also warrant that at the time of the initial turf installation, the synthetic turf will be free of manufacturing defects. Slight color changes will occur over the lifetime of this turf and are not considered an issue or basis for a claim. All labor costs involved with the removal of the affected turf and re-installation of the replacement will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

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