Where Can Artificial Grass Be Installed?

Where Can Artificial Grass Be Installed?

Although many artificial turf projects involve a property’s front lawn, its great capabilities extend beyond that. Artificial grass is a versatile surface that can be implemented in a number of ways at your home. It brings numerous benefits for homeowners which is why so many are rushing to take advantage of what it can provide. But what exactly can artificial turf be used for and which locations can best maximize its potential?

Artificial grass, it can also be used in many locations, such as patios, interior gardens, golf courses, playgrounds, and swimming pools, to name a few. While many of these places have traditionally used natural grass, artificial grass is increasingly gaining in popularity.

Is Artificial Grass Pet Friendly?

Pet Area

Eliminate the mess that often comes with having your pets play by choosing to install synthetic turf in pet areas. Unlike natural grass, there’s no mud or dirt to be spread around by your furry friends. This will drastically reduce the need for maintenance and cleaning. Just an occasional spray of water will do the job of keeping your artificial turf clean and looking great. Get more Information about Artificial Grass for Pets.

Backyard Putting Greens

A backyard putting green is the ultimate addition to a home for golf enthusiasts. Give yourself the ability to be able to work on your putting game at any time of the day. With artificial turf, golfers also won’t have to worry about the wear and tear that they often see at a natural grass course. This is because artificial turf is a highly durable surface that has been built to withstand heavy use and traffic. No matter how many rounds you put in, your putting green will remain in stellar condition. Find out more about using artificial turf for Backyard Putting Greens.

Play Areas for Children

Installing artificial turf in play areas can give your kids a safe and enjoyable surface to play and have fun on. Kids prefer an outdoor environment that gives them the opportunity to play freely and openly to their heart’s content. Our residential artificial turf comes with eco-friendly padding that allows children to play to their complete satisfaction without fear of getting injured. A synthetic grass play area is the ultimate outdoor space for kids to enjoy themselves in.

Should I get artificial grass?

Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Artificial grass is the ideal surface for outdoor entertainment spaces because of its aesthetic appeal and superior durability. Synthetic turf is visually stunning and will definitely impress those you have invited over to your property. It is also a low-maintenance surface which means that activities like regular watering and mowing are not required. Thanks to these qualities, you’ll be able to spend more time entertaining your guests and less worrying about the condition of your turf.

The Pool

Now, consider your pool. While some people may want real grass bordering their pool, the problems are hard to dismiss. When pool water splashes out and onto natural grass, the chemicals will damage it. Also, real grass is host to harmful particulates, insects, and bacteria that can make their way into your pool. Using artificial grass in your swimming pool area opens countless doors. You can style it the way you want, but it will retain its dark, rich green color all the time. Artificial grass can be just what your pool area needs to truly pop!

Outdoor Deck or Patio

Finally, picture your deck or patio. Natural grass can be hard to keep up with in these areas, and the constant maintenance often feels like too much work. Installing artificial grass can help. Since it neither grows nor changes, artificial grass needs next to no maintenance.

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