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Weather Resistant Artificial Turf

Weather Resistant Artificial Turf

High-quality artificial turf may be used in any weather condition. It is not affected by external weather conditions such as rain or direct sunlight, as is the case with actual grass. It always maintains a lush green appearance, is always well-kept, and is aesthetically pleasant in all seasons.

Through rain or snowfall, an artificial turf lawn is capable of withstanding all levels of harsh weather conditions. The grass blades are created with intricate composition and durable materials to ensure that the grass keeps its texture even in the most frigid climates. Whether you live in sunny southern California or endure rain or snow in the Midwest, your artificial turf lawn will stay plush and green all year long!


These days water is becoming more and more of a precious resource. Using less water when possible is the best way to conserve it. But how can anyone use less water and maintain a luxurious or everyday lifestyle? Fortunately, one of the most effective ways to help save water without sacrifice is to install residential or commercial artificial grass. Artificial grass provides homes and businesses green landscaping without the need for constant water usage or waste.

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is drought-resistant. It will not die or turn brown if it’s not watered every day or every other day. In fact, artificial grass lawns only need to be watered on occasion, and it’s not to help keep them alive but to keep them clean for you, your family, your employees, or your customers to enjoy. 


Synthetic grass has the advantage of excellent drainage, even if it rains nonstop for days. If your synthetic turf is properly installed, it will look wonderful while also providing excellent drainage. This means you’ll just let the rain wash it away and let it flow off naturally.

The perforated backing of synthetic turf allows water to escape through the turf and into the sub-base, which is specifically constructed to promote appropriate drainage. As a result, getting your artificial grass wet is entirely acceptable. There’s no need to be concerned about water drainage with artificial grass; It drains water as well as regular grass, if not better in most circumstances.

Furthermore, if somebody walks through your natural lawn during or after it rains, they are quite likely to track dirt and wet grass blades inside your home. Synthetic turf, on the other hand, does not have this problem. An artificial grass lawn does not collect mud, and your children or pets can play on it during or shortly after a rainstorm. Rain may also clean your artificial grass for you, saving you the time it would have taken to rinse it down with a hose to eliminate dust.

Artificial grass can be flattened by prolonged, torrential rain. Thankfully, after the rain stops, this is something that can be resolved quickly and easily. You can do this by gently brushing the grass to help it stand up on its own.


You may be concerned that snow and ice would put the grass to a greater strain over time. There’s no need to be concerned; if you wait until the temperature rises, snow and ice will just melt and drain away like rain. Of course, if you need to utilize the grass for any reason and it hasn’t cleared away yet due to melting, you’ll have to do it yourself.

The simplest approach to do this without causing any damage to the lawn is to use a shovel to remove only the top layer. The final inch or so can be brushed away with simply a brush, inflicting no damage to the lawn underneath.


Unlike real grass lawns, your artificial grass lawn will always look lush and green, even if we’re in the third month of extreme 100+ degree temperatures. Your lawn won’t dry out and die, and you won’t have to use an excessive amount of water just to try and keep it alive.

Artificial grass will generally be much cooler than concrete or asphalt, or other hard surfaces. And when you’re selecting your grass, choosing a lighter color green, rather than a dark green, will help keep its surface temperature down a bit too.

When it comes to extreme heat outdoors there are two elements taken into consideration, both the heat and its source.  More specifically, synthetic turf needs to be able to withstand not only high heat but direct exposure to the sun itself. Artificial turf can resist complications from sunlight exposure due to UV-resistant fibers and being a non-organic material. 

Switching to Artificial Grass

Our technologically advanced synthetic turf products provide the perfect landscape alternative for any household, business, or property. Drought-resistant, low maintenance, and stunning to look at and experience. Our artificial turf products are backed by a warranty, we guarantee your synthetic grass lawn will stay beautiful and green no matter the weather!

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