Tips for Artificial Grass During Winter Months

One of the top reasons everyone loves artificial grass for their lawn is because of its year-round resilience. It holds up against the hottest summers and coldest winters without the loss of color or quality. Whatever the temperature and regardless of where you live, you can enjoy the look and feel of a green, lush lawn beneath your feet. You only need a small amount of maintenance in order to keep your artificial grass looking its best during each season. Here are some simple tips to maintain your synthetic turf during the winter months.

Check the Nails That Hold Down Your Lawn

With temperature change and natural wear and tear depending on the traffic that your artificial lawn experiences, it can slightly impact the materials used to secure your lawn to the base. Since we tend to spend more time outdoors during the summer months, our lawns take a bigger hit. As summer starts to cool down, give your lawn a check before winter arrives. Double-check high traffic areas that your lawn is firmly secured. Add nails or reaffix as needed.

Clear Any Debris

Fall leaves us with a lot of debris. Even if you don’t have trees, the fall and winter months tend to bring wind and rain that bring leaves, sticks, and other debris from surrounding areas. This is why it’s important to give your lawn a quick brush every few weeks to keep your lawn free of debris before snow arrives.

Be Cautious

While artificial grass is resilient through all weather conditions you should be cautious during the winter months. Extreme cold weather, rain, and snow can cause fibers to become brittle or slippery with frost. This can turn into a slip hazard. Be cautious when walking on your artificial lawn to prevent slips and falls especially when the weather drops below freezing.

Don’t Shovel The Snow

This is an important one… don’t ever shovel snow off your artificial lawn, just let it melt naturally. If you shovel the snow you can damage your artificial turf. If you just let it melt on its own then you can enjoy your lawn as soon as the snow clears. You won’t have to worry about the snow or it being too cold. The blades of grass will remain as they are once it clears.

Melt Snow With Warm Towels

If you need your lawn sooner you can melt the snow faster by laying out several old towels over the lawn that are straight from the dryer. Some people melt snow by using salt. While this isn’t likely to damage the fibers, it may cause salt residue to build up in the sub-base and interfere with the draining. Stick with a safer solution and avoid using salt or other chemicals on your artificial grass.

Enjoy Your Artificial Lawn Year-Round!

With these simple steps, you’ll have great looking grass year-round. Artificial lawns are made to stand up to the elements, with drainage systems guaranteeing that even in the most extreme conditions. Melting snow and ice off your artificial turf won’t disrupt the color or appearance. With some minimal effort, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoors during the winter months without having to worry about what’s waiting for you after the snow melts.

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