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The Real Cost of Cheap Artificial Grass

The Real Cost of Cheap Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is designed to be long lasting and extremely durable. Buying cheap synthetic grass, however, is the exact opposite. Some manufacturers take a shortcut in the process. And while it makes manufacturing more efficient and cost effective, quality is completely sacrificed. And the product is bad news for the customers.

Reasons to avoid cheap artificial grass:

Melting – Artificial grass is a big investment, so of course, you want to prevent any damage. Can Artificial Grass Melt? Yes, artificial grass can melt especially if it’s poor quality with no or low UV protection.

A good quality artificial grass is made from polyethylene, nylon, or a blend of these and other synthetic materials, materials that on the whole can resist temperatures up to nearly 200º Fahrenheit before they will melt. Find out more about What is Artificial Turf Grass Made of?

Drainage Issues – When it rains, natural grass and cheap artificial turf can quickly pool water. The last thing you want is your children or pets tracking water or mud in the house because they’ve been playing in puddles. Unfortunately, cheap synthetic grass usually is not designed with efficient drainage in mind; it’s designed to provide a good short-term look without any benefits.

Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse understands the importance of drainage for lawns. Standing water is a breeding ground for insects and bacteria, so we make sure our artificial grass drains quickly and effectively. All of our quality artificial grass products come with superior drainage for rain and cleaning. Read more about Drainage for Artificial Grass.

Color Change – Cheap artificial grass will use low quality fibers. Because of this, you lawn could change color over time. Even worse, some spots could fade or discolor quicker than others depending on how the sun moves across your yard. Ultimately, you could end up with a patchy yard full of discolored spots.

A good quality artificial grass has a UV-resistant protectant coating. This is particular importance because this will protect the artificial grass from the sun and keep it looking green. Read more about Picking the Right Color for your Artificial Grass.

What to look for when avoiding cheap artificial grass:

The Real Cost of Cheap Artificial Grass

Look & Feel – Cheap artificial turf does not look or feel like traditional grass. Instead, cheap synthetic grass feels like plastic. When you step on artificial grass, it should feel like you are walking on or experiencing real, living grass. High-quality artificial grass is full, lush, and does not sacrifice any looks or feel.

The Real Cost of Cheap Artificial Grass

Fiber Quality – Artificial grass with low quality fibers will shed over time as evidenced by this yard. In order to make a cheap product, you have to cut corners somewhere. Fibers are one of the main areas manufacturers will cut corners because it makes the most impact on the cost of production.

The Real Cost of Cheap Artificial Grass

Quality Backing – Low quality backing is often used to make cheap artificial grass. It is also a nightmare waiting to happen ascheap backing can split or break in places. Also, it can separate from the artificial grass itself.


Making the decision to invest in high quality artificial turf will offer benefits for the next several years. Not only will your lawn look its best, it will be saving you money by doing nothing more than being there and looking good.

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