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Natural or Artificial Grass: Which is More Eco-Friendly?

We see an urgency to pivot to a more eco-friendly lifestyle and that doesn’t look like it will be changing anytime soon. This is why more and more homeowners are making the switch to artificial turf. Some may wonder if making the switch is more eco-friendly than natural grass. Here are several facts about artificial grass that make it the superior choice when attempting to move towards caring for our environment.

No More Chemicals

Natural grass requires a high use of chemicals and fertilizers to maintain a vibrant green lawn. The chemicals used greatly pollute the groundwater that travels into local streams. This can be very harmful to animals and marine wildlife. The excessive amounts of toxins cause algae to grow rapidly, killing fish and vegetation in the process. Just as these chemicals are dangerous to wildlife, the same goes for us when these chemicals reach our drinking water. Artificial grass doesn’t require any chemicals at all to maintain a vibrant green lawn. This is one of the reasons why artificial grass is more eco-friendly than natural grass.

No More Water

In addition to chemicals, natural grass requires lots of water on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy lawn. According to research, about 70 percent of all the world’s freshwater withdrawals go towards irrigation uses. The average household in the United States uses 400 gallons of water per day and about 20 percent of that goes to watering lawns and gardens. According to the EPA reports, nationwide, landscape irrigation accounts for one-third of all residential water use. Synthetic grass doesn’t require any water in order to keep it green. No matter what the weather is like, you can enjoy the beauty of the vibrant color year-round. Putting this all into perspective, if every family switched to artificial grass, that would save more than 7 billion gallons per day. I think it’s fair to say that this is another reason why artificial grass is more eco-friendly than natural grass.

No More Lawn Equipment

You cannot go without a lawnmower when you have a natural lawn. It’s part of the required maintenance to have a nice looking lawn. There are several different types of lawnmowers however, most of them cause pollution. Lawnmowers use fuels like petrol and diesel. The use of fossil fuels on a regular basis emits greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases are harmful to our environment in many ways. Artificial grass does not need any machinery that requires fuel to function in order to keep your lawn looking freshly trimmed. A synthetic lawn is designed to look healthy and green from the first day of installation. This is an excellent way to start reducing your carbon footprint making it more eco-friendly than natural grass.

As you can see, artificial grass is a prime choice when you’re taking steps to make your home more eco-friendly. At Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse, our professionals can assist you with finding the perfect turf to make your home greener. Contact us today at (844) 768-8873 for a free quote.

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