Is Artificial Grass Safe for Kids

Yes, definitely! 

Children love to play outdoors. The lush green lawn usually is the preferred playground for the kids for playing with toys, having fun hitting a baseball, or simply running around. All of which is good for their mental and physical development. The biggest question asked by homeowners and families considering artificial grass turf systems is whether there is anything in them that could potentially be dangerous or hazardous to kids.

Artificial grass is now a safer alternative to sod for kids and pets, thanks to technological advancements. In addition to the safety features, the turf’s layers provide a gentle cushion that protects both kids and pets against injury during playtime.

How safe is safe?

Non-toxic and lead free

To maintain a natural lawn, you regularly have to apply fertilisers and pesticides. Children might come into contact with these harmful chemicals when they’re rolling around on the lawn or if they – don’t think they don’t – put grass in their mouths. Artificial grass can be made 100% non-toxic and lead-free materials.

Soft on the skin

High-quality artificial grass gives your children a beautifully green and fluffy playing, napping or somersaulting outdoor area in all seasons. They can spend all the time they want on your artificial lawn; the fibers won’t irritate your children’s sensitive skin.

Softer falls

With toddlers learning to walk or overly active kids racing around all day, the next fall and accompanying crying fit are just moments away. The density and softness of artificial grass offer a slight cushioning effect, protecting kids when it happens.

Less Bugs

Another reason why artificial grass is a safe bet for children? It’s made with polyethylene and polypropylene fibres, materials that don’t attract mites, ticks or other insects, unlike natural grass.


Several kids suffer from allergies and respiratory issues, discouraging them from playing on natural grass, especially during the pollen season. Another factor that makes artificial grass safe for kids is it is allergen-free. Kids can enjoy the outdoors without fearing sneezing, watery eyes, and hay fever. Artificial grass is pollen-free and does not trap particles and debris that trigger allergic reactions. It consists of high-quality materials like nylon and polyethylene, which makes it perfectly suitable for children with allergies.

In conclusion

Kids love how artificial grass looks and feels. It makes their playtime cleaner and safer. In addition, artificial grass eliminates fire risk, allergies, bacterial infection, lead exposure, and fall injuries. Purchase safe and kid-friendly artificial grass from reliable and reputable manufacturers and ensure its correct installation to enjoy all the benefits.

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