How to choose Artificial Grass for a lawn?

How to choose Artificial Grass for a lawn?

A gorgeous lawn with minimal maintenance is why many homeowners are choosing artificial grass for their residences. Whether looking to sharpen up your front yard, give your furry friend a place alongside the house to run, or perhaps just providing additional play space for the kids, artificial grass provides you with that well-manicured grass without the work required.

But if you are new to the world of artificial grass, you might not realize that there are different types of artificial grass. Choosing artificial grass is not as simple as saying yes or no. There are variables to consider based on all sorts of factors, such as the purpose of the artificial grass, or the artificial grass blade thickness.

Which type of artificial grass should you choose for a lawn? There are many types of artificial grass and each serves its own purpose. But do you know which one is right for you? There are several aspects that you have to take into account when deciding what type of artificial grass is best for you. 

And it is important to note that choosing artificial grass doesn’t have to be overwhelming, even though there are numerous options and styles. In fact, here is a simple list of some items to consider in your decision of choosing artificial grass.

How to choose Artificial Grass for a lawn?

Things to consider in choosing Artificial Grass for the lawn

Purpose – This is one of the most important things to keep in mind in your decision, because it is one that directly falls in line with your lifestyle and the reason you are making the switch to artificial grass in the first place. What lawn purpose are you looking to achieve? The answer to this question will better inform all of the considerations to follow.

For example, do you want a synthetic turf lawn that the family dog can use too? Then, we would recommend looking into our pet turf varieties that have excellent durability for active dogs. Or maybe you want to include a backyard putting green into your lawn. Then, you’ll need to select synthetic grass for the lawn and then an artificial golfing turf for your putting green. We even have great family-friendly lawn selections for the children and grandchildren to place play equipment on.

Color – You can find high-quality artificial grass with different color shades to showcase the look and feel of natural grass. We have different color blends of our synthetic grass fibers and thatching, which means you can choose an artificial grass color that works best for your situation and lifestyle. For instance, if you want a vibrant appearing surface, going with one of our brighter color blends will achieve this. However, if you are looking for a richer and darker appearing lawn, then one of our multi-blends of darker hues will provide you with that look.

Pile Height – As you can imagine, not all artificial grass is the same height. After all, it comes back to your artificial grass purpose. You need an appropriate pile height to match your intentions. Therefore, we have a range of different pile heights of artificial turf. A higher pile height is going to feel super soft on your feet and give that lush appearance to your lawn. However, if you are looking for more outdoor sporting activities on your lawn, then a slightly lower pile height would suit you better.

Drainage – If you have never been on the hunt for artificial grass before, then you might not be aware that when choosing artificial grass, you also need to consider its drainage capabilities. And drainage isn’t the same across the yard or landscape. And since we deal with all kinds of landscapes, we provide drainage solutions to work with your needs. Additionally, artificial grass drainage is not only for rainwater, for instance, but also an excellent choice to rid your lawn of your dog’s smelly odors!

Blades – Like the colors and the pile height, artificial grass blades are not one-size-fits-all. Like all of the items on this considerations list, when choosing artificial grass that meets your needs, you need to also consider the artificial grass blades themselves. For instance, are you considering stiff blades or soft blades? Your first reaction might be soft blades because they are going to be underfoot, but stiff blades will not show wear as fast. If your yard is going to be high traffic, then perhaps stiffer blades are better.

Before purchasing artificial grass you should make sure to get free samples

At the end of the day, it’s about choosing artificial grass that works with you and your lifestyle. And that is why we are here to help. The team at Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse can revitalize your home landscape into a lush synthetic lawn and assist you in the process of choosing artificial grass for your residence.

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