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How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

A popular question when deciding to install artificial turf at your home is how long it lasts. The lifespan is fairly long however, the quick answer is 15-25 years. From cleaning to foot traffic, several factors will determine how long your artificial turf ends up lasting. Here are a few tips to consider to help your synthetic lawn last longer and look amazing.

Quality of Turf

This cannot be expressed enough, quality of turf is everything. If you start out with low-grade turf then don’t be surprised at how long your artificial grass ends up lasting. You’ll be setting yourself up with possible rips in the turf from rough play or flattened blades over a short period of time. These things aren’t an easy fix and can end up costing you more in the long run. When you go with a quality turf then you get better backing and stronger blades that hold up against the toughest foot traffic. 

Regular Cleaning

This simple step doesn’t even compare to what it would take to maintain natural grass. Yes, this step is simple yet vital to keeping your artificial lawn looking the best and lasting the longest. Rinse down your synthetic grass a couple of times a month and rake away any debris. This will help keep anything from accumulating between the grass blades. If you have pets, you’ll want to rinse frequently and pick up any pet mess left behind. 

Power Broom

Using a power broom on your turf about once a year will help restore your turf to a like-new appearance. The way a power broom works is it removes traffic wear patterns and fixes any flat or matted areas. You’ll see a huge difference with this step and it will greatly increase your artificial turf’s longevity.

Localized Heating 

This occurs when focused sunlight scorches and melts artificial grass. It can be caused by reflections from windows, glass furniture, and machinery. All of these things can result in localized heating and damage your turf. You can prevent this by blocking any reflections. If you cannot easily move or block what is causing the localized heating then try an umbrella or add a tint to the glass. Solving this issue is key to ensuring your turf is given the best chance to last the longest.

Foot Traffic

If you are installing artificial turf in an area where you have heavy foot traffic then you should consider the type of turf you’re installing. Most people love the plush looking turf however, high foot traffic can cause matting and flattened areas. In a short time, your turf will look heavily worn down. It is recommended that you install a turf with a lower pile height. This will help your artificial turf hold up against the heavy traffic and last much longer.

A Long Lasting Life

Artificial grass has the potential to last 15-25 years. Anyone can easily achieve that with a little maintenance and care. However, the most important factor is starting with quality artificial turf. At Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse we can help you find quality turf that will best fit your installation area. Contact us today at (844) 768-8873 for a free quote.

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