Artificial Turf

Facts About Artificial Grass Installation

Are you considering installing artificial grass yourself? Many people are leaning towards DIY artificial grass projects. Especially since there are so many tips and tutorials out there to get the job done successfully. Below are some simple facts to think about before you start installing artificial grass at your home or workplace. 

Pets Love Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can be very versatile and convenient for pet owners. And believe it or not, your pet adapts to it more quickly than you may think. Dogs enjoy feeling comfortable like us so they adapt pretty quickly to soft artificial grass. Also, artificial grass is so realistic most don’t even notice the difference. 

Some people use artificial grass when living in an apartment building, for their patios, rooftops, or balconies. However, having pets definitely changes things when selecting the type of grass. The most important factor is the drainage system. A well-installed drainage system makes a dramatic difference when it comes to having pets, especially when dealing with keeping the odor under control. When purchasing your artificial turf, be sure to mention where the grass will be installed and that you have pets.

Better Backyards

Everyone loves a beautiful backyard oasis but doing all the work to keep it that way can be a huge pain and a lot of work! With artificial grass, you can rest in knowing that those days are over. No more mowing, weed pulling, watering, and not having to deal with all the lawn issues like muddy or dead areas. Having artificial grass just made your life a whole lot easier.

One of the best parts of having artificial grass is that you can still enjoy a vibrant green lawn without all the work. So the next time you decide to have a company or you end up with a surprise guest at your door, you won’t be questioning what your backyard looks like. To get the best turf for your comfort, reach out to Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse. We walk alongside you in making the best selection for your home.

Easy to Clean

Everyone in the family makes a mess, from kids to pets and everyone in between. Thankfully, artificial grass is super easy to clean! As soon as an accident happens all that you need to do is pick up any debris if needed then rinse it down with a hose. If you’re in a high traffic area that’s more prone to accidents or stains then stay away from installing shock pads, a cushioning surface. Shock pads are usually installed in children’s play areas under equipment. If you install padding at home, urine or spills may be trapped in the padding.

You’re Not In This Alone

With artificial grass being super low maintenance, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your family and doing other activities. Making the switch to artificial grass not only saves you time but also money and water. With so many benefits it’s easy to make the decision. So one thing you may be asking is where do you start. With all the options out there you may have several questions. This is where we come in. At Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse, you’ll be able to be educated on your options and learn about the different types so you can see what’s best for you.

We are confident that this will be an investment that you won’t regret! Reach out to us at 844-768-8873 for more information on how to get started and all the tips needed for successful artificial grass installations.

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