Best Cleaning Tools for Artificial Turf

Regular care of your artificial turf will help it to always look the best. Don’t let that scare you. Maintenance for artificial grass is nothing compared to natural grass. Also, you can do a simple maintenance routine as often as you feel necessary or not at all if you think it doesn’t need it. Some people don’t have trees around so they don’t need to worry about debris getting on their artificial lawn. In these cases, their maintenance routine is few and far between. 

To care for your artificial lawn you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right tools so you don’t damage your turf. Below are several lawn maintenance tools that are safe to use on your artificial lawn:

Plastic Rake

Yes, you read that right, you can still use a rake on your artificial grass. However, you need to make sure the points at the end of the rake are plastic. Never use tools that have steel points or spikes because they can cause major damage and easily rip the mesh backing. If the mesh backing is damaged it will need to be replaced. 

Electric Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are extremely helpful when it comes to clearing debris. You can get the job done quickly with minimal effort. If you want to stay eco-friendly we recommend an electric leaf blower. Many electric leaf blowers offer just as much power as most gas-powered ones having to waste money on gas or deal with the fumes.

Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Just like any outdoor area, artificial grass accumulates dirt, debris, or stains that need more than a quick rinse. This is when you’ll need an eco-friendly cleaner. Green cleaners contain no abrasive chemicals which make them a perfect solution. Simply spray a sponge with your eco-friendly cleaner then blot the stained area. Rub the stain gently until it lifts and then rinse with cold water. Be sure to never use caustic or acidic cleaners, and definitely don’t ever use bleach no matter how bad the stain is. If you’re not able to remove the stain then contact an artificial grass professional to assist you with a safe removal.

Artificial Turf Brush

You will love the artificial turf brush especially if your lawn gets high traffic. As soon as you have your artificial lawn installed, buy a turf brush or broom. Make sure it has synthetic bristles so it does the job right without any snags. Over time, artificial grass can start to lay flat in areas of repeated use. Cross brushing will help it stand straight again and prevent any fading or wear down from overuse. Make sure to do the cross brush movement in the high traffic areas. Overall, brushing can help maintain the integrity of the individual blades and prevent matting. Skipping this step can cause the blades to breakdown and detach from the backing. This is why brushing is so important because it prolongs the life of your artificial turf.

Maintaining your artificial grass is super simple and can make all the difference. These are the only cleaning tools you’ll need and they’re all really easy to use. You can literally get rid of all the other lawn tools because you won’t be needing them. When performing these simple maintenance tasks, it’s essential to use the right equipment. If you have any questions about artificial grass maintenance contact Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse today at (844) 768-8873!

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