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Benefits of Artificial Grass on Your Rooftop

Did you know that you can put artificial grass on your rooftop? Yes, this is totally a thing, and it’s a game changer! As a matter of fact, one of the most popular ways to utilize artificial grass, other than traditional landscaping, is to create a rooftop deck.

Artificial turf is so versatile and adds a beautiful, natural look to any home or property — even if that property does not actually have a lawn or backyard. Read more on the benefits of artificial grass for rooftops below:

Create Extra Living Space in the City

One of the biggest benefits of rooftop artificial grass installation is that it creates valuable outdoor space, a commodity that can be difficult to find in a big city.

Allowing guests, tenants, and customers to soak in views of the city while enjoying a game of cornhole or letting their pets run around in a safe, enclosed space is a valuable commodity that will add a much-appreciated touch of luxury to any urban property.

If your new development features a rooftop pool, take it to the next level with an artificial grass pool deck. Synthetic turf is a functional decking alternative that looks great, absorbs water without issue, and is more comfortable to walk on than most hardscaping.

Artificial Grass Provides Insulation That Saves Money

How does artificial grass save you money? Artificial turf works as an effective insulator in summer and winter weather. Keeping your attic cooler will keep your home cooler. During the winter, the artificial grass uses those insulating properties to hold in heat, and keep out the cold and damp. The improved insulation can help reduce utilities usage and lower the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Artificial Grass Looks and Feels Like Real Grass

Artificial grass is created to look and feel like actual grass, making it truly able to transform a concrete or barren space of a building. A pop of green among a landscape of metal, concrete, and brick is extremely appealing and has the potential to even raise the value of a building, condo, or apartment.

Artificial Grass Requires Little Maintenance

Whereas natural grass requires daily watering, weekly trimming, and other regular maintenance, artificial turf for your roof deck is a low-maintenance option that will significantly reduce your landscaping costs each month by saving hundreds or thousands of liters of water.

Benefits of Artificial Grass on Your Rooftop

Artificial Grass is Long Lasting

When properly installed and maintained, an artificial grass rooftop will last for years. With our 15-year warranty, you can rest in knowing that we stand behind our premium turfs because we stay up-to-date with all the latest technology in the artificial grass industry.

Artificial Grass is Unique

Artificial grass transforms an unusable rooftop or boring deck into a unique space that adds charm as well as functionality. You can add green space in places where grass won’t grow. In urban areas where grass is in notoriously short supply, you can escape the concrete jungle and retreat to your own private parklike setting.

You can even create a unique shape for your grass. We can cut it to fit any deck, patio, or roof, to create a full lawn effect or just part of the area.

How to Install Artificial Grass on Rooftop 

Determining where exactly you’re going to place your artificial turf is the first step for any artificial grass rooftop installation. A turf roof is not something you want to do a half-hearted job with, so prep work is essential. And if the roof isn’t what you had in mind, you can lay artificial grass on top of decking for a similar aesthetic. Learn more about installing artificial grass on a rooftop.

Where to Get Artificial Grass?

Ready to get started on an artificial grass roof project and wondering where to get artificial grass? Look no farther than Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse. You’ve got the elbow grease, we’ve got the artificial turf. With our enormous inventory and helpful service, we’ll make sure that you’ve got the tools and turf you need to make your next artificial turf project a success.

You can even get samples to find the right grass for your project!

Whether the view from your deck could be an unforgettable panoramic sunset or a dramatic ocean scene, Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse can turn your roof, deck, and patio into works of art with our beautiful synthetic green flooring. Invite your neighbors up to the roof for an evening putting match or bring your living space outside to entertain on a naturally inviting artificial lawn!

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