We specialize in the wholesale distribution of sport turf.

Less work, more play. Isn’t that the point? Our artificial grass for sports is a game-changer for fields at parks, recreation centers, schools, child care facilities and common use areas. Our turf can withstand the roughest of play, yet remain soft-to-the-touch and forgiving to those on the field. They require minimal maintenance, little water, and zero mowing. We engineer our sports turf for balance, traction, and speed so that players can get the most out of every step.

Sports turf must be especially durable in order to withstand the heavy traffic and cleats. In fact, this is one of the reasons that most sports fields are switching from natural grass to synthetic. Natural turf fields begin to show stress after just 100 hours of event use, typically making it necessary to re-sod every year. Our sports grass is extremely durable, and our athletic turf was designed to withstand the high demands of an athletic field year after year.

We can help you choose the perfect artificial turf for your individual needs. Looking for high performance turf for competitive sports? We’ve got that. Looking for rubber flooring to outfit your gym? We’ve got that too. With our years of expertise and unmatched quality, its not hard to see why we’re the number 1 choice when it comes to supplying and installing artificial turf for sports fields.


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Artificial Grass Football Field

The uses for artificial grass in sports fields are endless. Depending on the application, any of our products would be the perfect fit.

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