Artificial Grass for Driveways

Artificial Grass for Driveways

Most of us all have a driveway leading up to our house or garage. However, why settle for the same drab surface as every other driveway. Driveways don’t have to be boring! If you want to do something different with your driveway, consider using artificial grass to add a bit of greenery. You can combine artificial turf and pavers to build a driveway that stands out and appeals to you in many different ways. The only difficulty is deciding which design best suits the front of your home!

A Driveway Side Lawn

This beautiful lawned area neatly meets the driving strip and is fenced with beautiful green hedges. This design is ideal for family living, where you want to optimize each area of your garden for children’s play. You can make the most out of this space by adding a small table and chairs to the artificial lawn, to use as a morning coffee spot.

Driving Strip

You could use artificial grass on either side of your driving strip, to envelop the driveway in green space. This design cleverly uses curved edging to soften the joint between the grass and the paving stones.

Square Pavers

A basic idea for your driveway design is to install a series of square or block pavers. You can leave gaps between the pavers that are just a few inches wide. Alternatively, use square gaps that are equal in size to the pavers to create a checkerboard design. Either concept requires installing the pavers first and adding artificial turf in the empty spaces.

How To Get Started

We recommend installing artificial turf only in areas of your driveway that do not see vehicular traffic. You want to avoid driving over turf, as your car’s weight could pull the yarn away from the grassing material and shorten the turf’s lifespan.

However, we’d be happy to help you develop a functional yet attractive driveway design that uses artificial turf to its fullest advantage.

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