8 Common Mistakes DIY Artificial Turf Installers Make

So you’ve finally decided to take the leap and now you’re ready to get started. Check out our detailed DIY guide to installing artificial grass to get fully informed before you begin. Once you have a good idea of what an installation entails, read about these 8 common mistakes DIY artificial turf installers make. As many homeowners make the switch to artificial turf they’re also deciding to install it themselves. It saves you quite a bit of money and you don’t have to wait for an installation date. However, understand that it requires a lot of labor. If that’s not for you then contact us directly at Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse and we’ll handle everything for you. If you think you’re going to attempt it yourself then make sure you avoid these common mistakes.

Mistake 1: Incorrect measurements

This one is huge… triple-check your measurements! We cannot tell you enough how many times homeowners contact us for more turf due to wrong measurements. Be sure to measure it several times and from different directions. It’s the worst to be almost done with your job only to find you’re coming up short on material. Trust us, it may seem tedious but you’ll be glad you triple-checked. 

Mistake 2: Incorrect base material

The recommended amount of base material is ¼” to ¾” of crushed drain rock. The coarseness of the base rock determines the amount of drainage you’ll have for your new lawn. If you live in an area where you have heavy rains we strongly suggest a coarser material to avoid any drainage issues. Rounded rocks like pea gravel are a definite ‘no-no’, they will move around as you try to compact them.

Mistake 3: Uneven base

Now, this is an important one as well. Make sure you’re installing your artificial turf over a smooth surface. The smallest bumps or wrinkles will stand out and may cause a risk for trips and falls. When removing the existing grass be sure to remove any roots or rocks that may cause unevenness. If you start with a smooth surface before laying the base then chances are you’ll have a smooth application of the turf. If you use a sod roller or plate compactor to compact your base layer that will also help you to achieve a flat surface.

Mistake 4: Flattening your base too much

So I know we just got over telling you that you need to have a smooth surface to start and to compact your base until it’s completely smooth but there’s one thing we must mention. Shape it with a 1% incline towards the center. Doing this will help the overall look of your lawn look more natural. It will also guide any water to drain away from the center of your lawn so you don’t end up with too much water in one place.

Mistake 5: Ignoring the grain

The natural direction of the blades in artificial grass is the grain. Take note of each time you lay a new roll to be sure all the turf is going in the same direction. This will help to avoid any obvious seams on your lawn. We always recommend facing the grain towards the viewer.

Mistake 6: Buying turf in batches

Some people like buying the turf as they come across extra money so it doesn’t feel like a big hit in the wallet. However, different batches of artificial turf have a slight color difference. So if you’re breaking up your purchase into different batches then you’ll most likely end up with a multi-colored lawn and it will be quite visible in some cases. For best results, purchase all of your artificial turf in one batch.

Mistake 7: Skipping out on the weed blocker

The last thing you want to do is install artificial turf and have to still pull weeds. You’re literally eliminating one of the benefits of artificial turf by not installing a weed blocker. Be sure to apply a weed blocker layer underneath your artificial turf to discourage any weeds from growing through your artificial lawn.

Mistake 8: Throwing away Your Leftovers

We get it, no one likes to hang onto things that you don’t need. However, these extra scraps of artificial turf can be a lifesaver down the road. The leftover pieces can be used for minor repairs or patches. You can also use them as reference swatches if you need to buy more for another area of your home.

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