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Artificial grass can dramatically transform the landscaping around your home or business. We are a nationwide artificial turf warehouse offering synthetic turf for any application. Our large selection of turf ensures that we have something that suits any landscape project!

We pride ourselves on having the best artificial turf in the industry that looks and feels just like real grass with quality that will last.

Artificial grass is more popular than ever, and the interest steadily rises with each passing year. As such, there are countless different companies offering synthetic turf. If you are overwhelmed by your choices, we’re here to help. Why should you choose Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse over the rest? Simply put, it is a matter of quality and experience. We make several different types of artificial turf, each featuring unique different piles and textures to suit a specific purpose.

STRAIGHT FIBER – Diverse shapes and colors designed according to the profiles of natural grass in areas all across the world.
CURLED FIBER – Uniquely designed fibers to imitate the vegetation growth, which contributes to a soft and resilient surface.
BACKING – Multi-layer backing structure to exaggerate dimensional stability, easy installation and convenient maintenance.

Artificial Grass Warehouse
Artificial Grass for Homeowners

The Demand for Artificial Grass for Homeowners

The beauty of synthetic grass is that it offers a low-maintenance lawn that enhances the curb appeal of homes all across the country. When you install artificial grass, you can expect significant savings on your water bills, and assurance that you are saving water for future generations. Homeowners in all regions and climates can enjoy the beauty and precision of artificial grass without having to pay for landscaping maintenance or spending their weekends doing it.

There is more information available now than ever before about the harmful effects of pesticides and other chemicals commonly used in most yards. Consumers are actively searching for eco-friendly solutions. Benefit from a gorgeous lawn for years to come without requiring them to use any sort of harmful weed killer or pesticide in their yards.

Our mission is to provide the best looking, longest lasting artificial grass possible so that homeowners and businesses can spend more time enjoying their space, and less time maintaining it.

The Demand for Artificial Grass for Businesses

Potential and current customers alike are highly likely to judge your business by its outward appearance before they even enter. That’s why lawn maintenance and upkeep is vital for any commercial property. The trouble is that most business owners are entirely too busy to focus on lawn maintenance, which is why choosing artificial grass for your commercial lawn is highly beneficial.

It can also be expensive to keep your grass watered, especially at a business with a large lawn area such as daycares, doggy daycares, golf courses, or commercial shared spaces. One of the main benefits of artificial turf is the reduction in watering. You also won’t have to worry about mud or other debris being tracked into your business.

Made to withstand traffic, all kinds of climates, and weather changes. It won’t even lose its color because of ultraviolet ray exposure—the fibers are made stable against it.

The Largest Inventory for Installers

Our wide selection of quality artificial turfs makes it easier for your business to expand your clientele. Our well-trimmed artificial turf is durable and designed to last. We have products available for any and all types of applications. We blend innovative grass fibers with natural-looking thatch and infill systems so your turf will always look bright, green, and fresh-cut.

Purchasing your artificial turf from us comes with not only a quality product but also the support and knowledge needed to run a successful business. We strive to maintain relationships built on trust and excellent customer service. We are able to offer competitive pricing and the best in quality and technology for installation companies who seek the most superior turf products.


Whether you are planning on laying artificial turf on decking, concrete or an existing natural surface, our guide on how to install artificial grass will help you complete the process.



We walk alongside you not only bringing you top quality synthetic grass but also to make available to you all the resources needed to start an artificial grass business.



Applications & Solutions

Whatever your vision for your space, we have the ability to turn that vision into reality with our turf applications. From tee lines to playgrounds to indoor sports fields, your synthetic turf project can be done right, with the highest-quality materials available. From low traffic turf to extremely high traffic athletic turf, Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse features a wide variety of artificial grass products to fit any of your needs. Need help finding the right turf for your project? Contact our friendly and helpful sales team will guide you through the options.


Artificial turf can transforms rooftops into beautiful outdoor living areas, creating more usable and functional spaces.


Artificial turf reduces the dangers of working in high traffic areas such as medians and streetscapes.


Artificial turf is perfect for putting greens for a miniature golf course, an eighteen-hole course, or your own personal putting green.


Most injuries on playgrounds occur on surfaces that are abrasive, or just plain unsafe. That’s where the artificial grass comes in.


We love them too! Give your pets a clean, comfortable space to play and relax without worries of pests or their paws getting dirty. Imagine not having to deal with mud being tracked in your house or your lawn being ruined from yellow stains. Durable and resilient under heavy use with an excellent drainage system to eliminate odors. That’s what artificial pet turf can do for you! We understand every pet owner has different needs. Our pet turf focuses on finding the right mix of artificial grass product selection, installation technique and maintenance schedule individualized for your application. Whether you need turf for your backyard or a dog kennel, we have multiple products specifically designed to meet the demands of our four-legged friends.


You want your yard to look its absolute best at all times. Our artificial grass is perfect for both residential and commercial.


Artificial grass allows for a more enjoyable and safe pool experience. It's cooler than concrete and less slippery when wet.


Get creative… from installing your own putting green or bocce ball court, to turf areas for clinics, gyms and sports facilities.


Whether it be for simple landscaping or an entire football field, artificial turf is a great solution for schools and universities alike.

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Always looks bright, green and fresh-cut, even in the harshest conditions. It’s soft, safe, comfortable, easy to maintain – and the perfect complement to any courtyard or landscaping project.

  • Chemical Free
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Conserves Water
  • Realistic
  • Kid & Pet Friendly
  • Eco-Conscious
  • 15 Year Warrantee
  • Attractive All Year



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Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse is one of the largest wholesale distributors in the artificial grass industry. Our synthetic grass products are sold and distributed to installers as well as homeowners. We offer local and nationwide shipping services to get your product where you need it. If you’re looking for the latest artificial grass on the market our quality turf specialists are always on the hunt for premium turf so you can find what you’re needing all in one spot.

We walk you through all the steps so you can be sure to have what you need to get the job done right. We work with you supplying you with educational materials on different turf options, products, and installation information. We value this process because we strive not only to sell a quality product but to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. It’s our top priority for our customers to purchase the appropriate artificial grass for its specific purpose so the turf performs well and is long-lasting.


With our 15-year warranty, you can rest in knowing that we stand behind our premium turfs because we stay up-to-date with all the latest technology in the artificial grass industry.

If any area or portion of the turf substantially changes, as distinguished from a change in texture within fifteen years after its initial installation, Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse will have all such areas or portions replaced, excluding installation costs. We also warrant that at the time of the initial turf installation, the synthetic turf will be free of manufacturing defects. Slight color changes will occur over the lifetime of this turf and are not considered an issue or basis for a claim. All labor costs involved with the removal of the affected turf and re-installation of the replacement will be the responsibility of the purchaser.